2018 Menu

 20th Anniversary Lebanese Festival Menu

American Style Hot Dog (Texas Tavern relish and chili) $1.50

Chicken, Beef or Lamb Shish Kabob Plate

Tender chunks of marinated chicken, sirloin or lamb grilled

On the skewer with pepper and onion. Served with Lebanese style rice and pita

Beef $9.00

Lamb $10.00

Chicken $7.00


Stuffed Cabbage Rolls (Yabrak) 3 For $3.00

Tender cabbage leaves stuffed with ground sirloin, rice & spices smothered in flavor-filled tomato sauce & cooked until plump and juicy


Eggplant Stuffed with Meat (Shiek il mihshee batinjan) $4.00

A layer of tender eggplant, covered with lean ground sirloin, onions & spices smothered with

Tomato sauce, more eggplant, and served Lebanese style rice


Falafel**(available on the food line and at an outside booth) $6.50

A sandwich of vegetable patties made with fava beans, chick peas,

Onions, parsley and spices, dressed with parsley, tomato, pickles

And tahini sauce, rolled up on Lebanese bread (pita)


Grape Leaves (Warak Inab) 4 For $3.00

Tender grape leaves stuffed with ground sirloin and rice

Vegetarian Grape Leaves** seasoned with lemon, mint, salt & spices

served cold or room temperature


Green Beans and Rice (Lubee) $3.75

Whole green beans sauteed with lamb, tomato sauce, onions and spices served

over Lebanese style rice


Grilled Chicken Wrap $7.00

Marinated skinless, boneless chicken breast sliced and placed on a pita then dressed

with tomato, lettuce, pickles and a Lebanese fresh garlic sauce

Garlic Sauce** (individual servings) $1.00


Hummus** $3.00

A blend of fresh ground chick peas, tahini, fresh garlic, lemon and salt


Kafta $7.00

A sandwich of grilled, lean ground sirloin mixed with onions, parsley and Lebanese spices.

Served on a pita topped with tomatoes, parsley and homemade pickles and tahini sauce.


Kibbee (Lebanese National Dish) $3.50

Two layers of lean ground sirloin mixed with onions, cracked wheat (burglar), spices,

filled with a layer of cooked meat, onions and spices, then baked well


Lebanese Potato Salad** (Batata Arabee Saletet) $3.00


Potatoes cubed and dressed with lemon, salt, olive oil, mint and green onions

Lebanese Fried Potatoes**

(Great with Labne) $2.00


Labne** (Strained Yogurt)

Seasoned with salt, olive oil and mint served with pita and vegetable slices $3.00


Meat Pies (Fatayer)

Homemade dough filled with choice lean ground sirloin mixed with onions tomato, lemon juice,

spices then baked until golden brown $3.50


Spinach Pies**

Homemade dough filled with spinach onions, lemon, salt and pepper, baked until golden brown $3.50

Tabouli** (Lebanese Salad)

Parsley, cracked wheat, finely chopped onions and tomatoes.

Dressed with olive oil, mint, lemon juice, salt and pepper $4.00


Yogurt and Cucumbers**(Luban)

Milk compliments of Homestead Creamery. Homemade yogurt with fresh cucumbers and a hint of mint. $3.00


Zalabee (Lebanese Funnel Cake)

Fresh fried homemade dough sprinkled with powdered sugar. $2.50


Fried Doughnut Holes (Awamat)

Fried strips of dough made of flour, salt, sugar and yeast with Middle Eastern spices,

dipped in the popular Lebanese syrup flavored with Orange Blossom Water $2.50


Lebanese Cheesecake (Slice) Milk compliments of Homestead Creamery.

Shredded phyllo dough layers, buttered and lightly baked, filled with ricotta cheese & pudding

combination with Lebanese Syrup glaze , flavored with Orange Blossom Water $3.00



A chopped nut center flavored with rosewater layered above & beneath with

multiple sheets of paper thin phyllo dough (32+ layers in all) basted with

butter & syrup then baked until a delightful, crispy, golden brown $1.50 – $2.00


Dessert Assortment

Single servings and assorted plates of your favorite Lebanese desserts $1.50 – $15.00


Bottled Water $1.00

Bottled Teas $2.25

Sodas $1.50

Lebanese Beer and Wine

Beer $4.00 – $5.00

Wine $5.00


**Indicates Vegetarian Dishes